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This is an area where the functions of the Commission are limited by statute. As it accepts, its duties include the protection of the interests of consumers and preventing harm to consumers and the public; but this refers to the body of consumers. It can take notice of the complaints of individual consumers only to the extent that they are evidence of a failure by an operator, or a failure of the system, towards the body of consumers. It has no power to intervene in disputes between operators and their customers except in that context

As the Commission told us, “If we receive complaints about a regulatory issue … we can investigate to see if it warrants enforcement action, but we cannot typically recover money for individual consumers.”265 That is a failure, not of the Commission, but of the system.

Professor Orford was one of very few witnesses prepared to say that the Gambling Commission was doing a good job, but even he had to qualify this: “The other thing is that we have a very inadequate and unsatisfactory regulation system here. I hesitate to say that because I think the Gambling Commission does very good work. But the system we have of the Gambling Commission, GambleAware, and what is now called the Advisory Body for Safer Gambling, working together, and government really taking a backseat and saying, “We want you to get on with it”, is a thoroughly unsatisfactory system.”266


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